The Nehemiah Community Project (NCP) is a not for profit 501(c)3 organization, focused on supporting veterans by creating positive changes to impact families and communities. NCP was created out of a need to help provide support and mental health services for veterans and their families.

The thought occurred to me during a discussion with my father (a Korean War veteran, retired businessman and retired pastor) about the need to educate local veterans regarding military benefits and continuous support of military families in the Maywood, Illinois community.  

The Nehemiah Community Project is a local community resource for veterans and their families offering assistance, mental health support and family advocacy.  Our goal is to offer insight, perspective and hope to support active military and veterans along their journey as they readjust to family, home and community.

The Nehemiah Community Project (NCP) seeks to collaborate with organizations and like minded individuals.... who seek to serve those that have served to protect our freedom.

Christopher Chambliss


Impacting from the halls of Justice


Recognize that no single approach fits everyone. Yet empathy and understanding are necessary to be entrusted with a veterans well-being and to assist him or her on the path forward. As the President/CEO, Christopher represents a team of professionals, veterans, psychologists, therapists, counselors and advocates driven to help veterans and families re-integrate and reconnect through counseling and supportive services.

Before devoting his time to NCP, Christopher served as Risk Management Director for Thomas Nelson Inc., a Fortune 500 company and as an Account Executive/Business Development Manager serving the healthcare industry and specializing in environmental response and safety management. His educational background includes psychology and business management. Additionally, extensive training in trauma counseling, P.T.S.D., veterans affairs and advocacy drew him to this work.

In addition to being a trauma specialist Christopher is a community faith leader and business owner.  He and his wife Denise have six wonderful children, including one son serving in the U.S. Army, and another son completing his post graduate work in family mental health counseling at the University of Florida.  

Christopher Chambliss is the founding President/CEO of the Nehemiah Community Project (NCP). He is the son of a veteran and a staunch supporter of the American military and veterans. When human beings experience trauma or high levels of stress it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. As veterans transition into civilian life many face challenges in re-adjusting into society. Veterans may continue to re-live combat experiences after the initial joy and relief of being back home subsides while their families may be negatively impacted.

U.S. veterans and military families experience unique challenges in separating from the military including dealing with mental health issues and facing uncertainty while hoping for new opportunities. NCP brings the possibility of help and guidance for veterans who have been through a traumatic experience. Christopher’s passion is to offer assistance to clients, adults, families and children to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, and safe in order to establish a new normal.