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Veterans Law 101- "Effective Communication"

New veteran-focused organization announces launch in Maywood area


Chris Chambliss is a man on a mission.  The Maywood native is the CEO of The Nehemiah Community Project.  Based in the Maywood area, Mr. Chambliss is the CEO of the project, and states its creation honors his father, Bishop Willie James Chambliss, who is a veteran of the Navy and now a retired pastor of Miracle Revival Cathedral, and Maywood’s first Bishop and had served the community for over 40 plus years.  Mr. Chambliss has felt the need to develop services for veterans for several years. Chris has seen his father over the years become unaware of how to access his benefits that he fought for and deserved.

“Our country will continuously have veterans coming home from service who will need a variety of services.  The current services for veterans cannot meet the burgeoning need for this population. This is where NCP comes into play with a “deeper dive” of services for veterans and their families, through a more holistic approach.  We understand that we are not the cure for all of our veterans’ needs, however we intend to be a reliable resource to whom they can turn for assistance.

The first workshop of the Nehemiah Project will take place on May 19, 2018 @ 10am. “This informational meeting is also focused on hearing the concerns of the area’s veterans, so that they know they have a voice in this project,” says Chambliss.  The featured speaker is a Retired VA administrator Floretta Strong-Pulley, B.S, R. one of four administrators in the country. The workshop, “Effective Communication- (VA) Veterans Affair- VA Benefits 101” provides veterans a face-to-face opportunity to be a part of the conversation that informs them about available resources, as well as learn about current laws and policies and how to move forward. 

All veterans, from all branches of service are encouraged to attend, as well as any family members who desires this invaluable information.  Chambliss reiterated, “information is power.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity to get answers to your questions.” 

Call 708-397-6069, or email to sign up immediately.  Seating space for this event is filling up!

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